Google Play Music and Videos (Movies/TV) on Fire TV!!

Here’s a walk through for running Google Play Movies and Music on Fire TV!

Download the appropriate apks in this zip

6 Replies to “Google Play Music and Videos (Movies/TV) on Fire TV!!”

  1. thanks for these instructions.

    Installation all worked fine for me, all of the apps installing without error and I was able to enter my google account details, but when I open google movies app I get the message:

    “google movies & tv won’t run without google services, which is missing from your phone”

    and it gives me a link to download it. using this link I get the message “app is incompatible” when I try to install it.

    Any help much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for this, Movies worked great. Music, less of a priority since my TV has Cast built-in, didn’t work. I could see all the menus, but nothing would select.

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