12 Replies to “Updated In-depth Sideload Instructions for Vudu on Fire TV.”

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Becky! I have not personally had that issue, but others that have, had to go into the sound settings (in vudu and or fire tv) and change them to stereo (or direct play or something) to pass through to the tv. Respond with your luck or lack there of? Thanks!

    1. Steve! Thanks for visiting my site. Parsing Errors are almost always related to an incomplete file download. Maybe try re downloading and re transferring? or try from another device (computer) to the dropbox to tv? Let me know, thanks!

      1. I’m getting the correct file into ES File Explorer Pro. I’m downloading it into Dropbox correctly. When I select it to install the properties box indicates version n/a, size n/a, package name n/a. When I select install I get a parse error

  1. Is there currently an issue where Vudu says there is a required update? I successfully followed the steps and had Vudu working for a week, but it prompted me only today and it is the current apk that is listed for download.

  2. I can’t get past the benning. I try to access Dropbox through ES file explorer and it says network issue, cannot load authorized page.

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