Updated Cox Contour Install Instructions for Fire TV!!

  1. If you were using my previous Cox Contour instructions, you may find that they stopped working due to a Fire TV update. Here are the new instructions for Fire TV

Contour MOD

Chrome Mini

Dropbox setup instructions
This app requires a mouse…
check this one out if you have a usb port. http://amzn.to/2oF8xgK
And Bluetooth keyboard mouse kit for those using fire tv stick:Β http://amzn.to/2mMH33e

If you dont have a Fire TV, check it out here: http://amzn.to/2pekMky

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  1. Great post!
    I got all the way to contour login. Once I finally got username and password in appropriate boxes and hit enter, I get an error from Cox server.
    “Whitelabel Error Page. There was an unexpected error (type=Unauthorized, status 401). Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message.

    Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

    1. I am unsure why that is happening. Are you definitely using the Contour app I posted as well as the Chrome Mini version I uploaded? Another user had issues with using a different version of one of the files. If you are using the same, have you tried wiping data/cache for the contour app and maybe even the chrome app to make sure nothing previously entered is getting in the way? I will try my instructions again soon to see if I left anything out. Thanks! And sorry for taking a while, I get a lot of spam comments regarding viagra etc so I need to skim through the comments and see what’s important. πŸ™‚

      1. No worries, I got it working once I got my keyboard and could figure how to get my credentials correctly in there. This leads me to another question. My Fire stick works well with the app now but instead of getting a Fire TV I bought an Android box. Can the same be done for that? I’m guessing you are disabling the HDMI check the app performs and making it think it’s a tablet or phone. Can that be done for the regular android app like the Fire App?

  2. thanks for this! i think it would be better if you had a written tutorial too just because was a little long to go through. i got everything i needed from you though. thanks again!

    1. Yeah That is fair! I haven’t gotten around to making written guides yet as I have a busy full time job as well as a few kids, but thank you for workin through the steps and giving feedback! πŸ™‚ I will try to knock out written instruction one of the next couple weekends.

    1. Ken! I think per your comments on youtube you have figured it out, if anyone else is having trouble, it takes double (or triple) tapping the back button on the fire remote. kinda a pain, I will let you know if there is another solution. Thank you for the feedback!

      1. I hit the LEFT button then BACK button and the menu comes up everytime. There is also a post online describing how to fix the cutoff menus with the apk editors.

        1. Awesome I will look into updating the apk again after I get back home early next week. Thank you for the feedback!

  3. Thanks for doing this!! I’ve tried it and it works great. I always like to have the latest version though.

    I think there’s enough info provided for me to hopefully be self-sufficient in doing this for myself, but the problem I am having (maybe) is finding the correct version of the Contour apk for the Fire TV.

    Trying to get version but any version I download can install but will not launch…even before trying to MOD. Modding it did not help either (I think I did it correctly).

    So what is your original source for the FireTV Contour apk?

    1. Disregard. The apk I got from apkpure.com works fine.

      Apparently I wasn’t changing the AndroidManifest.xml correctly. I used yours and just changed the first line which was updated in

      There were 2 other lines added in AndroidManifest.xml in but I left them out:

      Thanks again for this great forum!

  4. One could argue that it’s easier to use the app for Fire TV called “downloader” to download the files, instead of using Dropbox. But I guess it could be preference.

    P.S. The version posted here still works on fire OS

    1. That may be the best solution, as ES File Explorer is removing Dropbox support, as far as I know. I appreciate the feedback and will probably re-record the instructions using Fire TV downloader and showing how to sign in with Chrome, apparently it isn’t working for some. Thank you for your feedback! πŸ™‚

      1. You are a freaking genius! I put it in my x 96 box and it was easy to do. One problem it’s lagging quite a bit. Any suggestions.

        1. Thanks for the feedback! I dont actually have boxes outside of the fire tv box and an Nvidia shield and played with a MiBox for a little… πŸ™‚ Seems from reviews like the x 96 is a great box but hit or miss in the performance area sometimes? IDK though… πŸ™‚ If there is a newer contour build, I will look into it and updating the code, like they did for xfinity to open up tv browsing. but feel free to take a read into it here. πŸ™‚ https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/xfinity-tv-mod-android-box-hdmi-output-t3535881/page10

          1. Ok. So I went to load the 4.2.1 mod that you made available on me FTV. Box version 5.2.6 and it’s stuck on the on the second blue screen after Lets Get started page.. not loading up. Any suggestions? Thank you.

          2. HI! I believe you may have missed the install and run the browser part maybe?, I think that step is where it will initialize a browser to sign in.

  5. Forget. I got it. Forgot to load google. It works perfect!! So I loaded your 4.2.1 mid to ftv box and the 4.2 on x 96. Now I have eliminated the signal strength being questionable via WiFi. Now to go and test my lagging x 96, Thanks again!!

      1. Thanks. One thing for sure, the Firetv box runs flawlessly , the the x96 android box lags after hooking both up exactly the same way. Would you suspect the box or the contour app? Thanks

        1. Yeah, my guess is that the box is a little slower, do you have a 2gb one? how does the processor benchmark? If you have an old (2014 or so?) android phone to try this on, I would bet you would get similar performance. I didnt write the contour app, just rewrote 3 lines of code or so to open up the TV services on it. Lol. πŸ™‚

  6. I am having zero luck! I’ve tried what I believe to be everything even downloaded a 3rd party android installer and that’s the farthest I get I can actually see contour but nothing happens. Can someone help?

    1. sounds like maybe you need to reinstall chrome or make sure you are on a good version of it, that is where it pops up a browser asking you to log in? I am not sure if the current one stopped working or something? I can test soon hopefully.

  7. Any update vid using downloader to use contour app? I followed the guide but unable to mouse over with my fire tv to do the log in. Tried opening it up in the mini chrom and have same problem (no cursor)… and work arounds?

    1. Are you trying with a mouse (usb or bluetooth), or are you tryiing with mouse toggle? I can try to show a video of using Downloader. I will see about that soonish. πŸ™‚

  8. Does this work with Gen 1 running as I keep getting this error, what did I mjiss as it works fine on Gen 2 version just Gen 1 version having issue with it,
    After hitting watch I get the error below

    We’re sorry
    This video stream is not playable under the currect device conditions, Please disconnect any external devices (including HDMI, screen mirroring, or castinig devices) and try again.

    I only have the HDMI cable connection to the TV from my Fire TV Box, any suggestions?


    1. Hi, I have been meaning to try to see if there is an update that I can get to work. Lol, hobby website comes after God, Wife, Kids, Job, lol. πŸ™‚ Sorry. Is this the video you followed? I thought I had addressed this at some point. https://youtu.be/pTntLXHBvkU πŸ™‚ I will get back to you after seeing what it will take to get an update working if that will help your box.

  9. Hi Andrew I have Fire stick 1 gen. Having trouble with E S file Explorer will open. then select network. select cloud. select dropbox and Network issue can’t load authentic page try again later…
    Any clue about it?
    I Initially opened dropbox in my pc and save files in my pc
    Uninstalled and installed es file explorer twice

    1. Yeah! Sorry about old links, my newer instructions (somewhere else on the site and on youtube) say to use One Drive, as ES File Explore doesnt like DropBox anymore.

  10. I have followed the instructions but can’t get the Bluetooth keyboard to type creditails. Used ES downloaded the new mini chrome and contour. Using ipazz keyboard. Still can’t type in username and passwords. Any suggestions?

    1. Great Question! It pops up with a chrome browser with credentials input fields or just doesnt open? if not, are you definitely using the chrome version I uploaded? others have had less success with other builds. Does your BT Keyboard have a mouse to click? Sorry, I will keep thinkin.

    1. Yeah! Per es file Explorer blocking Dropbox, I wrote a newer version of this video with onedrive as the es file Explorer link.

  11. Leslie asked: Hi i was watching your video on doing this and I am sure I can follow if i stop and start a lot but my question is do i have to have a smart tv to do it?? I dont have a smart tv. I am paying for contour but cant watch it on my tv because i dont have the right device or a smart tv. advise??

    My feedback:
    Hi Leslie,
    I hope you get this to work for you! With the fire stick it should be prettty simple. You dont need a smart TV or apple tv (I dont believe they made a contour app for apple tv), you need android (which is what the fire tv runs), the version of the app from my blog is from last summer, but is still working for people. I will need to repackage the newest version at some point to see if it works.
    For contour to work with fire tv you need a mouse/keyboard (at least for setup, then you can use the nav buttons and the back button on the fire tv remote for most usage). If you have a second (or third i believe they are on now?) stick, you could get a USB OTG cable and use a keyboard and mouse you have around the house, or leave something like what i use, this, permanently connected for searching and stuff. If you have first gen stick, or just want a flexible tool, this bluetooth one would be good probably.

  12. Responding to Wayne:
    Andrew, I can not find the chrome mini file after it goes thru the sequence of downloading on the tv, installed contour mod fine, only option I am given to open either file is the Amazon package installer. I then go to ES File Explorer to the very bottom left hand side, then across the bottom to more opening it go to windows and found contour but no chrome mini.

    I am not sure what you got to exactly, you copied the files to your fire tv via one drive, you installed contour, but cant find the chrome mini file? recopy it to the fire tv? or maybe it is installed and you just need to run the contour app? If it is installed, open contour, go through the steps, it will pop up with the chrome browser when it needs to for sign in credentials… (IF its installed)

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