Tips for Traveling on the cheap!

I deviate from my normal posts to share what I love to do for money saving while prepping to travel. I stock up on points/miles/skymiles/rewards to have fun for cheap!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some current options. They will not last forever, so if the link isn’t valid, I will try to update it.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred ($500 reimbursement or better with using for travel points) is one of those that you can’t do but every couple years, and its Chase so not more than 5 cards in the last 24 months, so do this before Barclay etc.


Planning on flying a bit? Same Chase rules with this Southwest card:



Amex only gives the bonus once per card branding, so if you have done the Delta Skymiles Gold, do the platinum and visa versa.


This is my favorite card, the Barclay Arrival for travel reimbursement, long list of options, my cruise this year was how I used last years points, Disney through a travel site ( with this years points, can be redone 3 months after previous was closed


Feel free to ask questions! Dont get over your head in these things. Don’t increase spending to hit a mark. Find tricks like paying your mortgage through


Thank you for humoring my rant!


Installing FandangoNow on Fire TV with a Mouse!

Here is my walkthrough for Installing Fandango app on the Fire TV. Note. It will require using a Mouse. Also, the app depends on google play services, so you will need to watch my other video about google play and get at least the first 3 step done to proceed and get Fandango Now working.


Download the Fandango APK here!

Get a little dropbox assistance here!

Learn how to get the Google Play services (as well as google play movies and music) here!

check this one out if you have a usb port (Full Fire TV).

And Bluetooth keyboard mouse kit for those using Fire TV stick:

If you dont have a Fire TV, check it out here:

Use Apple Music on your Fire TV with a Mouse!!!

My wife has an iPhone and I have a Macbook Pro. It would be convenient to use the Apple Music service on the Fire TV.  Amazon sells a great product that allows slideloading. I walk through the steps of installing apple music on the Fire TV in the video below. Let me know in the comments or on youtube if you have questions!

Watch this and learn how to install Apple Music (the paid service) on your Fire TV!

Note. It isn’t very helpful without a paid service.


Download the Apple Music APK

This app requires a mouse…
check this one out if you have a usb port.
And Bluetooth keyboard mouse kit for those using fire tv stick:

If you dont have a Fire TV, check it out here: