Vudu on Fire TV – September 2017

Back in the spring, I found out how to get vudu to work for movies/tv on the fire tv/stick. Works great! Need to rent or buy from another device but can browse and play your whole collection.

Updated instructions for OneDrive use since dropbox and es file explorer dont work together at the moment

Installer link.

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    1. As I’m trying to load my VUDU app, I’m being told I need to update it yet when I hit “update now” I’m taken to a screen that asks if I want to continue to the Amazon Appstore. When I hit continue it then tells me the app is not found. Any update files coming?

      1. You are looking at the newest file, that I referenced in this post? I just updated my instructions to this a few days ago due to the version I was using before requiring update, this is the update from June that I have had success with (though I am at work right now, not sure if something changed in the last day).

          1. Another user just used One Drive instead of Dropbox, same instructions otherwise, see if that works?

          2. I started using the box app and it works to transfer the files just fine to es explorer but it still saying you need to update the app

          3. Can you confirm completely uninstall the existing copy of vudu. Delete any APK regarding VUDU from your directories dropbox etc. Restart Fire TV, Redownload and copy to your fire tv. Reinstall from scratch? Maybe some residual files?

        1. Hi James,
          Can you provide more information on which Apk is the best to use? It looks like some are designed for Android TV only. Is there a Vudu apk that I should use if I don’t have an Android TV? Looks like there are versions for tablet or phone too.
          Thanks very much!

          1. David, I am sorry I didnt catch this comment earlier. Hopefully James gives some feedback. Google to find the build I am using, or if you want to try the older version, pretty sure it doesnt work anymore, Google:

          1. feel free to test any in this folder, starting with (most recent) and try the next oldest version till you get one to work? I can test after work.

      1. Rose, the video is 5 minutes long, Hopefully getting through the 5 minute video gives you what you need, otherwise report back! Thanks!

  1. I’m having an issue accessing dropbox on my firestick. It won’t even load the authorization page to log in.

    It tries to load for a second then says:

    Network issue cannot load authorization page. Try again later.

    Although I’ve been trying for days now and get the same error message

    Any fixes for this?

    1. I had some issue like that originally, it was resolved by reinstalling es file explorer. maybe check this outside link? if you are still having tough luck, I will try to keep thinking about what I did to resolve if there was somethinge else.

  2. I used One Drive and it worked great but only plays SD movies, not HDX. Get error -“Encountered problems during playback”. πŸ™

  3. I got the same update message and finally just hit uninstall and reinstalled the latest link you provided above using the cloud. Works fine now – thanks again!

  4. This doesn’t work the same way as the older version did for 1st gen Fire TV boxes and sticks. The old version would allow you to play any title in SD. The new version will only play the titles you own in SD. HDX titles will always show an error message when selected.

    1. I am sorry, I havent had a chance to look into filtering it. I pinned a comment by Y2Bogus to my older video that explains the lack of compatibility, but I am not sure about filtering.

      1. I am sorry about that, I will see if there is another version. I have the fire tv 2, not the stick. There is definitely a licensing thing someone commented about on my youtube channel that goes into detail why it wont play hdx, but I dont know if there is a way to select the current build, I will try soon.

  5. Hi sorry if you helped resolve this in earlier posts but I’m no good with tech issues. I am having an issue when I want to add Dropbox to the es file explorer. I get an error message “network issue, can not load auth page, try again later” I have uninstalled es file explorer and reloaded. I was able to add OneDrive but I don’t have enough space on OneDrive to go that route. I have iPhone if that info helps. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! Heather

    1. Hey! Welcome to YourTechTips! Yeah, they dropped dropbox support in ES File Explorer. Maybe make more space on your one drive, or refer a “friend”, your other email address? Can you do these steps from an iphone? how does onedrive and downloading a file work? Can you try from a desktop/laptop/android? Try one of the other cloud options listed in es file explorer? box is a good service, havent tried it for this. Let me know if this helps, thanks!

  6. WHAT THE HECK!? THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!! I got it to play in HDX 1080p on my 2nd gen FireTV Stick!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I kept trying ones from my phone and they just were NOT working. This one actually looks like it was DESIGNED for Android TV. I wonder why they changed it. Where did you get this version? It’s GREAT!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You bet! Trial and error. I tried several versions and got lucky then followed the vain after I found the first that worked. πŸ™‚ sorry been a few months since original discovery lol

        1. It doesnt auto update, so that would be a yes. unfortunately amazon doesnt support google play, because its google, and doesnt support vudu because its walmart… πŸ™‚ There may be a better way, but I dont know it yet.

  7. I did this about a week ago. I was all excited. I went to use it tonight and some point during the week my Vudu app has disappeared. Has anyone else had this happen?

    1. Yeah, its probably just the shortcut that disappeared. Does it open from the from the settings programs list? if so, go to settings, manage applications, Amazon Appstore and Clear Cache & Data. Let me know, thanks!

  8. I got VUDU loaded but it only shows me the option to watch trailers I do not heave a rent option any ideas? If I go to my account on my laptop I get everything.

    1. Yeah! maybe there will be a more official build at some point (probably not, due to walmart vs amazon stuff). I rent or buy on my phone, then it shows up in my movies on my fire.

    1. I will see if a newer version of it does something else, what box or stick are you trying it on, not all are certified for hd with other venders…

  9. I like Vudu too, however I do know that Amazon now supports Movies Anywhere and if you link your Movies Anywhere account with Ultraviolet most if not all of the movies pass through. I have since done this in case Amazon Breaks my Vudu I still have a backup.

    1. Yes. πŸ™‚ good point. I use Movies Anywhere often, and probably would not have put this out if it existed like 7 months ago. But I will keep maintaining it, as with this youtube fiasco, who knows when amazon pulls a plug. I will also be looking into youtube at some point.

      1. Movies Anywhere is good, but it’s not TV Anywhere as well. That is, it doesn’t see TV shows in your Vudu account. Thus, a solution is still needed.

  10. I’m using your link “” & still having the only SD playing Issue. Even though I have “Movies Anywhere” I like to know the specific apk that will let me play HDX with VUDU. Not everything in VUDU shows up in “Movies Anywhere”.

    1. Robert. Are you using a first gen stick? It doesn’t have licensing rights hardware wise to do vudu and similar apps at Hd is my understanding. If you’re not using a first gen stick then go ahead and tell me what’s going on with the model you are using Etc and hopefully I’ll be able to give you some feedback

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